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This box is an adaptor that I built to permit use of conductive (Avcon) public chargers. The Avcon receptacle in the lid is connected to a 6-20R receptacle on the side which matches the plug on the side of the car and on our extension cord.
The home-made Avcon converter box. The Avcon receptacle is $175 + shipping from Meltric Corp. See the relevant flyer here. It's the version including the pilot circuit which tells the Avcon unit that there is a vehicle attached. The box is plastic, from a local electrical supply store, with a hole cut in the lid to match the Avcon receptacle and a circular hole in the side for a 6-20R receptacle.
A close-up of the 6-20R receptacle in the side of the box. This is the same as the receptacle used to connect to the plug behind the filler cap door on our car. NEMA receptacle chart.

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