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The Brusa (badged Solectria) charger is a 3.3kW unit running off 220V AC.

The Brusa charger installed in the trunk of the Force.

The charger removed, showing the four rubber feet that it sits on, the connectors for AC in, multi-way low-voltage monitoring circuit connector and the red Anderson, high-Voltage DC out, connector.

The Brusa charger on the workbench.

Another view of the charger on the bench. Connectors are (top to bottom):- 240V AC in, 12VDC to cooling fan, DC out + and -, multiway connector for low voltage signals and 9-pin D-type RS232 serial connector for PC monitoring.

The inside of the Brusa charger.

Another view of the inside of the Brusa charger.
It's tightly packed in there!

The inside of the charger showing the temporary fuse holder with flying (green) leads that I installed while awaiting the replacement PCB-mount fuse.

The inside of the charger showing the flying leads attaching to the PCB-mount posts used by the original fuse.

Two replacement fuses.

The fuses are Bussmann 20LCT, semiconductor fuses. Listed as High speed British Standard BS88
fuses in the Bussmann catalog. 240V AC, 20A.

The cooling fan mounted to the top of the charger to blow air down onto the heatsink.

The fan is a PAPST MULTIFAN 4312. 12V DC, 5W.

PV Design: npc Solar
PV Installation: North Bay
Solar Electric
Patio Structure: R.T.West
Photo: B. Larsen
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