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There is a plastic belly pan under the rear of the car
A view under the rear of the car showing the two bolts and metal strip that hold the front of the belly pan to the underside. A closer look at the two bolts and metal strip...
Two of the four nuts and washers which hold each side of the plastic pan to the underside of the car. As Tom Hudson says on his Force page here, these weren't stainless, so I made the same trip to the hardware store (where I'm now well known as the electric guy) and bought some stainless replacements. I dropped the plastic pan in order to clean out the accumulated East Coast salt and debris...
A closer look at the plastic pan. It's made out of one main folded piece with the small contoured part at the leading edge glued on. The rear belly pan removed from the car.
Another view of the rear belly pan. Those brown edges are actually mud-covered black sealant... A view of the rear battery box showing the cut-away rear car body.

PV Design: npc Solar
PV Installation: North Bay
Solar Electric
Patio Structure: R.T.West
Photo: B. Larsen
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